Tuesday, November 11, 2008

November 9, 2008

Sunday's Lesson was from the Joseph Smith manual, #20 “A Heart Full of Love and Faith.” We had a lively and touching discussion about the letters that Joseph sent to Emma during the times he was away from her and their children.

The discussion focused on showing love in the home, specifically through our language and actions. Remembering to say communicate our love for our family members invites the Spirit and bonds us together. We need to remember to do for those closest to us what we do for those outside our home.

We also need to communicate love in ways that are important to our family members. Some feel love through spoken words, some through acts of service, some through physical contact like hugs, and so on. By understanding what means love to others we can support them and show them our love in a meaningful way.

Another thing we learned from Joseph's letters is the importance of service. He was constantly serving others: his wife and family but also outside the home. He had such faith in the work he was doing and gently reminded Emma of his testimony of our Savior. He's an amazing example.

Next Sunday's (11/16/08) lesson is the Ward Missionary Fireside.

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