Monday, March 9, 2009

Question of the Week #12

What is something you don't mind buying used?


Erin said...

My washer & dryer. We got a great deal from a friend of a friend for $100. Free is better, but it still beats the laundromat, especially since I wash clothes compulsively.

Kenna said...

I have a horrible disease where I hate buying anything used. You just never know where it's been...

I agree with Erin, however, as we got our washer & dryer used. Much, MUCH better than the laundromat and no chances of your favorite band shirt getting stolen.

Kayla said...

I have lots of used stuff. Shelby's high chair was a ksl special and our washer and dryer were also used (but we knew the people we bought them from). My kitchen table and chairs and my glider were garage sale finds. I couldn't pass them up! I don't shop used very often, but if I pass a garage sale and see good stuff, I might stop.

Cheree said...

Um, pretty much anything but clothes for myself. Since my size is a little "above average" it's not very likely that I'll find pants with a 37" inseam at the latest consignment shop! Currently, used pieces in our home are the following:
-Dining table and chairs (free)
-Entertainment center (1/6 of the original cost-from a friend)
-TV (free)
-Bed (free-Devlin's grandparents)
-Bunk beds (KSL)
-Couches (free)
-Digital piano (used)
-clothes for me from my sister
-clothes for Devlin from my brother
-clothes for my kids from nieces and nephews

One awesome thing about free/used stuff. If it gets ruined you don't feel so bad!

Eric & Jodi Eames said...

Most the stuff in our house is from a second hand store or handed down from friends and family. Or I've just copied expensive stuff and made it on my own. Probably the greatest used thing in our home is our 19 inch box tv from my parents living room circa
1980's...yeah baby that thing is the bomb!! Forget those nice LCD 50 inchers we got them beat!! (Okay maybe not but that's what I tell myself)

JacobnKrystal said...

I love second hand stores. A little cleaning and sanitizing can go a long way. Baby toys are great. We just Morgan a Stand and Play and she loves it. Other good things are like rabbit ears and wires for your computer and such.
Right now our living room consists of a lot of second hand stores. We've had 3 couches in the last year. One was unwillingly given to us (we didn't want it) we bought another one from DI for $25 and the one we currently have is from a yard sale for $15 (I like change, can you tell)
Our dresser is also second hand along with a china cabinet,
dining table and chairs,

Joe and Regina Pearson said...

I never thought I would be able to stand getting something 2nd hand that I couldn't wash such as our "lovely" gray yarn love seat that we use as the only place to sit down in our living room besides a glider. I still find cigarette's underneath the cushions from time to time. I guess that's what you get for $12. When we first got it my husband and I doused it with Lysol spray in an attempt to disinfect it. I'm not sure if it worked but all 3 of us are still alive. : )

John and Danielle Corrigan said...

I got two really nice vases a couple weeks ago. I also like getting random T-shirts to "bum" around in. It is funny what some of them say and then people ask you what/where the shirt is from and you're like, I don't know! And of course, halloween shopping is fun there. Especially 80's clothing. There are so many clothes from the 80's it's insane.

Chad and Mandi said...

Movies! We spend hours walking around F.Y.E looking at used movies!

Susan said...

My crib!! Those things are expensive but my sis-in-law gave me one of hers.